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Fishing the Light for the first time this season Capt. Dan reports its looking good with the boys on Moana III releasing one at 400lbs. Nearby, the boys on Hot Shot did the same and missed a big one. On Opal Ridge Kalira released another at 300lb for Capt. Ash Wallis and the boys. Wide of Number 2, KEKOA went one from three and missed the bite of another big girl right at the back of the boat. Allure got one wide of Number 3 and Blue Dog with Graham, Carmen and Perry on board released two wide of Number 4 including one at 650lbs.The boys have also been getting into some good dogtooth with Capt. Dean on Castille sending me this picture and the boys on Askari who came into Cairns last night spending the last couple of days on the dogtooth. Calypso also in Port last night and returning out today reporting a fish a day.Back on the Gold Coast, Vince on Barco went one from one blue marlin yesterday about 450lbs in 860 metres as well as a spearfish later in the day with a lot more water between blues this year than last. On Thursday they also went 2-1-0 south of Jims.

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