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Big Girls Firing Again


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Matt’s fish on the lead on Reel Chase and the trailer boat Spread ‘Em battle a beauty as well! There was a bit of a hot bite at Linden Bank yesterday and on Reel Chase, we arrived just in time. The baits had only been in the water less than a minute when we saw a marlin swim by the teaser on the camera and just after that, the shotgun went off. Courtesy of Dad Jo being at that moment downstairs and out of sight, 13 year old Matthew was onto his first Cairns black marlin and it was a nice one too, released after a 15 minute fight estimated at 750lbs. By the time Jo came upstairs, Matthew was well and truly into the rhythm of the chair and making good ground on the fish. Nearby, we saw Gorilla hook up on two fish in reasonably quick succession, the larger of which was approximately 700lbs as well as some Cairns private boats including Fifth Dimension and trailer boat Spread ‘Em on a massive fish – which Adrian tells me they successfully released after 45 minutes on 80lb stand up. They also released another 250lb fish earlier in the day ending with two from three. Soon after Capt. Tim Dean on Calypso had also hooked up and released one that Tim called well over the mark. Congratulations guys! Grander number 1 for the day. More big fish also out wide for Ultimate Lady. Capt. Tom reports that they fished for some tunas in the morning before heading south and jumped off a blue marlin. Later, they had another three bites and released all three, black marlin at 250, 200 and another around the grand mark! Grander number 2! At Jenny Louise, Capt. Luke on KEKOA fished Scotty and friends for two from four at 200 and 700lbs enjoying having the shoal to themselves for the day!

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