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Happy New Year


I hope everyone had a very happy New Year. We did and had a very nice relax after so many months away from home. I’ve had some time to add some photos to the gallery page and re-jig the video page (although much of our 2009 footage has yet to be reviewed).

Capt. Jim took Reel Chase out yesterday for its first trip for the New Year and released one black marlin for the Scotts, although by all indications, it seems the numbers have not arrived as yet.

Iona 2 has headed to Port Macquarie for the Golden Lure Tournament which starts tomorrow. Capt. Adam has released a 200kg blue at Newcastle last week before taking the boat north and raised another on the trip north. Capt. Trent will take over the wheel for the comp.

KEKOA (47 – and no longer called KEKOA) leaves Townsville today to begin her journey to her new home over the ocean (New Zealand) via Brisbane with Capt. Geoff Lamond at the wheel. Geoff spent the 2008 Cairns season on the boat with Capt. Luke and is very familiar with it and is looking forward to getting it home for the NZ season. You can read Geoff’s latest NZ Gamefishing post here. The new KEKOA 56 is coming along very nicely and we’ll be heading back up there within the next two weeks for delivery. Expect lots of photos.

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