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BMFB: Weekly Sked July 27

  • The weather has claimed another victim with Yorkey’s Knob Fishing Club canceling their weekend comp due to the 30+knot winds.
  • The world has been watching the grander count as reports filter in that Bermuda weighed their third grander of the season last week.  While 2009 was a great year for grander black marlin on the Great Barrier Reef (search “grander” in the search-bar to read 2009 reports), July 2010 has been a great MONTH for grander blue marlin in Bermuda with 1012lbs for Playmate on July 12, 1005lbs for C Ya on July 21 followed by another 1005lbs for Que Mas on July 22.  Just a short couple of months now until the Cairns Giant Black Marlin season kicks off once again in September.
  • The Dampier Classic kicks off this weekend. We’ll be looking forward to hearing how it all goes and are hoping they have better weather than the recent Broome comp.
  • As is often typical of tournament fishing, Jeff reports that winner Billistic went out again the day after the Broome comp in blue skies and had a pack of 10 sails come up while putting the teasers out — finishing the day in double figures.  Not bad for the guests on board who’d never even seen a sailfish before!
  • There are new tournaments in the calendar – check it out here.
  • Any experienced crew looking for work in Cairns? (this position has been filled now thanks!)
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