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More Blues (Updated)


Capt. Ken Brown reported a fantastic day out on Megumi on Thursday fishing for blues on the canyons east/south-east of Cape Moreton.  Ken says they ended up with 6 from 8 on blue marlin between 280lb and 450lb. And all were caught on “Tappet Head” hyperlon head lures.  The bite was concentrated between 9.30am and midday and between 2.30pm and 4pm and all fish were the angler’s first.

Ken says he hasn’t seen fishing for blues as good as this since the late 80’s and early 90’s.  Awesome stuff!

Another great day (Friday) with Capt. Ken going 2 from 3 at 300 and 400lbs.  Ken said both fish were before 10am and then it was a quiet day.

Meanwhile, Cjig‘s Grant Thomson told me about another big blue that unfortunately got away fishing yesterday as well – when out fishing on the Kevlar Cat this time.  They started fishing off the Gold Coast seaway for some nice spaniards before heading out to the 200 metre line where they hooked up on a very solid blue.  Grant says the fish, that he would put at over 700lb, put on a great show, but unfortunately with Grant filling both driving and leadering roles on the twin outboards the going was tough and they pulled the hooks after about 2 hours leaving angler Joe “Crank” Boccini devastated!

Friday, Capt. Ross McCubbin reported fishing on board Broadbill living legend “Johnno Johnson” for his second blue marlin as an angler, a blue they put at around 200kg and missed another.

From Flying Fisher down at Port Stephens I hear that they are still getting a few bites a day although the weather hasn’t been that crash hot.  Ben reports 3 from 5 at the wheel of Calypso on Wednesday and 3 from 3 for Flying Fisher.  Thursday with 2 from 2 as did most boats, the remarkable being the second fish was within two nm of the heads.  On Friday Flying Fisher added another four from four and there was a late bite at “V” Reef.  Ben says that offshore has been a little quiet with bad current etc but the Broken Bay Tournament this weekend may reveal some action to the south.

Our trip north and around the tip continues.  Today we’ve passed north of Princess Charlotte Bay so internet is sketchy for us for the next few days.

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