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Marlin reports: Gold Coast and Sydney


Yet more reports to add to the sked. It’s so great to hear so much fishing is going on in the leadup to the holidays:

  • Barry Alty’s Mistress is now up to 5 blue marlin in 4 days fishing at home on the Gold Coast. Barry says what is interesting is that 3 of them have been respectively; 450, 450 and 550lbs which is quite unusual. Most of the blues they get on the Goldy are in the 300lb range with the occasional one a bit smaller and the occasional one a bit bigger, but seldom any over 400lbs. There seems to be a different class of fish around at the moment. Barry predicts this may be the year of the grander blue!
  • Daniel sent me a report and photo (below) from the Sydney GFC boat Gale Force on the weekend. On Sunday, they released 2 striped marlin east of the 12 mile. The first fish was hooked on a lure, the second fish was hooked on a skip bait and was one of at least 2 very small marlin (45Kg max) following the teasers. Daniel said once the fish felt it was hooked up, it went crazy in the spread and ended up cutting off their favourite rigger teaser! I know how painful it is to lose your favourite teaser! Thanks Daniel!

Gale Force Striped Marlin

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