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Jeppesen Marine 25th Bill Heyward Memorial Anniversary Tournament

Held over the weekend, the tournament was a great success with 41 boats and 158 anglers fishing. A total of 13 marlin were tagged with another 2 marlin weighed, and 6 sharks tagged with another 5 weighed.  There were also 3 other game fish tagged and released.

Day 1:  Saturday started out with fantastic conditions with smooth seas and lots of fish being fought. On the marlin fishing side of the competiion, the first marlin award went Botany Bay GFC boat Sirocco, and also won first marlin tagged by a junior in the tournament with the same fish.

There were also some very good captures on Day 1 as well with Sydney GFC boat Blood n Guts weighing a 396kg tiger shark and Botany Bay GFC boat Sniper, a 288kg tiger shark. Ungry weighed a 95.5kg black marlin

Day 2: Sunday started out very much the opposite to Saturday with gusty southeastly winds up to 25 knots which stopped a lot of the smaller boats from going to sea. Boats that did venture out got into the action again with Blood n Guts weighing another tiger shark of 267.5kg. Home Strait from the Base Strait GFC weighed a 373.00kg Mako, Outcast weighed a 180.5kg tiger, Sniper weighed a 85.5kg Mako and Smart Bill weighed a 88kg striped marlin.

The Bill Heyward Trophy was won by Ungry from Sydney GFC,

Other awards went to:

Champion Angler Capture Brad Munro

Champion Angler T&R Kevin Ward

Champion Lady Angler Capture Claire Graham

Champion Lady Angler T&R Claire Graham

Champion Junior Angler Adam Libdy

Champion Boat Capture Bloodn Guts

Champion Boat T&R Greyhounder

Most Marlin T&R Greyhounder

Most Sharks T&R Bloodn Guts

Highest Point Scoring Boat T&R OGF Lockout.

Thanks Craig for the results!

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