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More South East Queensland blues, (micro) blacks and sails


Report from Peter Kendall who fished Cape Canyon off Moreton Tuesday in Mighty Tonka (33′ Grady White) and caught this estimated 180 to 200lb blue and a 19kg dolly. Peter tells me that Chris and Jason were the anglers and they had previously not done any heavy tackle fishing but did everything right – the caught the fish and had a blast as well!

The blue was released in good health after the pic – well done!


Also another update from Lachlan from the action off the Sunshine Coast.  Lachlan says that also Tuesday Mark on Thunderbird went 2 from 3 with a black and a sail and missing a micro black. Misty went 1 from 1 with a nice sail.  While on Wednesday on Catapult Lachlan, Paddy and Paul went 2 from 2 on sails (pictured above) with one being a recapture.  Misty also went 2 from 2 on sails and Jubalado went 1 from 1 on a micro black (pictured bottom).


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