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Cairns blacks, Weipa Sails, Sunny and Gold Coast blues


Cairns, Cooktown, Lizard Island

Capt. Corey Hard’s Askari had a top day yesterday catching 4 fish including a 950lb-er. They caught the first three before a short intermission, and then headed back out only to get straight onto number 4 for the day!


Capt. Tim Dean’s Calypso also got into the fish releasing three from five heading north. Likewise same direction, Capt. Tim Richardson’s Tradition released two from three. Capt. Adam Jordan on Iona and Capt. Brett Goetze on Amokura stayed on the fish going 2 from 2 each with Iona 400 and 550lbs and Amokura 250 and 350lbs, both fish for Graham.  Brett said they also missed the bite out of quite a nice one.  On KEKOA we went one from one after a busy day of bait fishing :-)

And that is all the reports I have received for today!

Photo above is a catch up shot of Sea Fever’s (Reel Easy) 400lb-er for Lloydie from Victoria on Friday.

Weipa Billfish Tournament

Final day of fishing today. The first two days have seen some good numbers with 19 sails and a black marlin on Day1 and 28 sails on Day 2.  Darryl French’s Wine Down is on the lead with 8 tags from Capt. Kim Andersen’s Duyfken on 7.  Look forward to hearing how they end up!

Sunshine Coast Spring Shootout

Treelcapturehe Spring Shootout is likewise heading into the final day with boats enjoying some glamour conditions. All billfish have been heavy tackle thus far with blues, a black and a stripe.

Pic of a blue marlin released for SCGFC Club Captain Brent Higgins on Reel Capture held up by Grant Cooper caught on a Pakula Sprocket.

Gold Coast

jugsMatt Caelli reports a good day on Jugs on Saturday, when it seemed like the rest of the Coast was competing in the Flattie Classic, tagging a 250kg+ blue (pic) and good by catch of yellowfin and dolphinfish. On Sunday they followed up again introducing a new boat owner to gamefishing with 4 yellowfin, a 24kg dolly and 120kg blue marlin and missed a stripy as well! 

As Matt says, the Gold Coast is showing great diversity at the moment!

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