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Quick post before Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic


Just a quick post before (I lose internet connectivity again!) and the Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic, which starts (fishing) tomorrow. Boats have already started congregating at “The Rock” for the competition, and plenty more will be fishing up Number 10 Ribbon Reef today on their journey to the island.

I am still hoping to be live reporting the fish via Twitter as per usual – you can follow me on Twitter here regardless of whether you have an account or not.  Although the internet has been as bad as I can remember on the reef this year, will try to persevere!

Once again, there were a few fish around yesterday.  On KEKOA we went one from two with a fish (photo top) for Bob and hooked up to a real nice one at the death for brother Ed, unfortunately she was all wrapped up and we ended up breaking the line on her after a 25 minute fight.

In the middle, Capt. Jim Dalling’s back on the reef for the tournament on Rod Hawkins C’mon Aussie and released a small one. While Capt. Dan McCarthy’s Moana III also released one that Dan put at 500lbs.

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