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Friday 13th on the reef


I can barely get online this morning so I will be quick – and I don’t have phone service so apologies to anyone that sent reports via text. We are in on changeover tonight so will catch up tomorrow!

Capt. Tim Richardson’s Tradition had a top day for angler Stephan right at the top off Hicks Reef yesterday with a fish that he put at well over the mark straight up.  They followed up again later in the day with a successful double header of fish at 200 and 600lbs.

The only other report I know of from yesterday is Capt. Laurie Wright on Calypso who went one from 3 smaller fish in the middle.  And Capt. Dean Beech’s Onsite got one heading down from the top as well.

Catch up report and great photos above from Capt. Billy Billson’s Viking 2.  Bill says that they have been enjoying some great fishing, and consistent big girls. With his season tally now in the mid 50,s including double figures on fish over 900lb for the season is shaping up for another ripper.  One fish had no bill at all (above left), quite interesting!

Catch up: report from Capt. Corey Hard on Askari who tells me they had to cut their previous trip short but still managed 6 fish in 3 1/2 days. On this current trip they’ve been out for 4 days and have caught 8. One of the fish they fought for 3.45 hrs and were towed 4.8 nm out into the coral sea and released a large species jumping on leader after all that time. The next day they released a even larger fish as well as 2 mid rangers.

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