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Gold Coast flips a switch


It sounds like the Gold Coast has flipped the fishing switch back to ON over the last few days as word comes through that the GCGFC Light Tackle Masters has been postponed a week due to weather.

But making the most of the weather before it comes up, Leigh Holtsbaum has had another couple of good days on the water.

On Monday he converted 2 blacks and a dolphin fish tin the tinnie. Both fish were caught by mate Dan Sleeman who until Monday had never seen a marlin before!  Leigh reports that one of the fish would have given 150kg a nudge on 8kg. The other was a little 25kg model.

On Tuesday he followed up solo in the tinnie again heading wide hoping for a blue. Unfortunately he didn’t get much time out there before the wind got up. Back in closer he switched to light tackle at 100m and hooked a 60kg black not long after on 8kg tagging after 1 hour. Soon after the lures were back in he tagged another black in the 15kg range adding a couple more dollies as well so it was a good day out solo.


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