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Coffs blacks, WA bigguns


Coffs Harbour

Rob Lang’s Black and Blue has been at it again with little black action. Rob says that after the weather allowed them to get out both Monday and Tuesday they found the little blacks out further in 80m of water. On Monday they went 3-3-2. On Tuesday they found them in the same spot going 6-5-2 with the odd wahoo and dolphin fish there as well.

Western Australia

Peak Sport Fishing’s Capt. Eddy Lawler is at it again. Just days after an encounter with a big blue which was the biggest they had seen in Exmouth, they followed up with the biggest black they’d seen.

The blue, estimated her at 850+lb smashed the Bonze ‘Scorpion’ and unfortunately hooked itself in the top of the head. Angler Pete fought her on stand-up 60kg line class for five and a half hours doing everything he possibly could to plane her up unfortunately snapping the main line. What an effort! (photo top)

Yesterday they followed up with the big black marlin for angler Steve Morrison. Eddy says that it was their biggest black marlin to date. and estimated her at 600lb! While the crews of Exmouth see a number of big blacks each season, they aren’t very common.

Ben Currell is back west-side after the Christmas break and his barra punt is again taking on the beakies. This time not solo but with mate Alex Holme on board have been scoring on both the blues and the stripes.

Port Macquarie Golden Lure winners

42 boats comprising of 177 anglers (142 male, 12 lady, 15 juniors & 8 small fry) fished the 4 major competition days.

There were over 100 marlin tagged and released during the comp including 16 x blue mariln, 78 x black marlin and 6 striped marlin as well as a bunch of dolphin fish, sharks and a wahoo. Among the T&R highlights was No Excuse‘s Grand Slam on Day 4.
On the capture side, just the two blue marlin were weighed (as mentioned last week) the heavies weighing 161kg.

Winners List:

1st Place, Champion Boat T&R: Rarely In N&PSGFC 137562 points
1st Place, Champion Boat Capture Marlin over 150kg: Weapon NGFC 161kg Blue Marlin
1st Place, Champion Boat T&R Blue Marlin only: Lone Ranger PMGFC 17000 points (on count back)

2nd Place Boat T&R: Team Simrad JBGFC 125031 points
3rd Place Boat T&R: Heads n Tails PMGFC 100093 points
4th Place Boat T&R: Rush Hour PMGFC 87500 points
5th Place Boat T&R: Reel Trouble PMGFC 50000 points
6th Place Boat T&R: Crackashell II PMGFC 50000 points
7th Place Boat T&R: No Excuse N&PSGFC 40000points
8th Place Boat T&R: Fritto 2 N&PSGFC 39200 points

2nd Place Boat Capture Marlin over 150kg: Milo N&PSGFC 155kg Blue Marlin
2nd Place Boat T&R Blue Marlin only: Long Time Dead PMGFC 17000 points.

Champion Small Fry Angler T&R: Blair Carroll PMGFC 37500 points
Runner/Up Small Fry T&R: Patrick Lawler PMGFC 23000 points

Champion Junior Angler T&R: Connor Brown N&PSGFC 37531 points
Runner/Up Junior Angler T&R: Cooper Frith N&PSGFC 37509 points

Champion Lady Anger T&R: Lisa Houlford JBGFC 100031 points
Runner/Up Lady Angler T&R: Ebony Brown N&PSGFC 62531 points

Champion Male Angler T&R: Dave Wells PMGFC 100093 points
Runner/up Male Angler T&R: Dave Wilson Jnr PMGFC 87500 points

Champion Small Fry Angler Capture Tuna & OGF: Not won. Prizes drawn out of a hat for all non winning Small Fry Anglers. (Tayla Fancett)

Champion Junior Angler Capture Tuna & OGF: Cassie Herbert N&PSGFC 797.09 points

Champion Lady Angler Capture Tuna & OGF: Caron Collins PMGFC 603.61 points

Champion Male Angler Capture Tuna & OGF: Pete Wilson PMGFC 1043.49

Most Meritorious Capture: 161kg Blue Marlin on 37kg Michelle Evans on boat Weapon NGFC

Heaviest Shark Capture: Not Won. Prize drawn out of hat for a lucky angler. (Jason Carroll)

Heaviest Tuna Capture: 42.6kg Yellowfin to Pete Wilson on boat Dad’s Lad PMGFC

Heaviest OGF Capture: Not Won. Prize drawn out of a hat to a lucky angler (Kane Braddley)

First Billfish Tagged: Wade Hoogenboom on boat Lone Ranger PMGFC

Last Billfish Tagged: Ben Cox on boat Rarely In N&PSGFC

Most T&R Marlin: Lisa Houlford on Team Simrad JBGFC

Most T&R Shark: Dylan Steele on Boat Seaborn SIGFC

Special Small Fry Award: Patrick Lawlor (First Marlin)

Special Junior Award: Isacc Rumbel (First Marlin)

Junior/ Small Fry Non Winner draw: Ben Stewart

Major Lucky Angler Draw: Graeme Lawlor

Best Dressed Boat: Chicka

Furthest Travelled by Road: Bear (Ocean Grove VIC)

Furthest Travelled by Sea: Doghouse (Lake Macquarie)

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