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Cairns little blacks, south coast sword


A few more reports of little black marlin in NQ have come in.  Rohan Cross sent me the pic above of Paul Thompson on board his pride and joy Reel Thing with his first little marlin outside Moore reef on Saturday. Rohan was fishing nearby and able to get a few snaps of Paul in action. Paul’s been trying for a while so Rohan said it was great to see it all come off!

This little one is on the back of another board Capt. Corey Hard’s Askari last week, their first of the new season as well.

In the micro variety, Greg Pearce reported a truly tiny black that weighed 1.6kg with an approx 700mm short length that he caught last week off Double Island/Fraser. So the Fraser micros may be making themselves known again as well.

Battling Swords

Sword fever is continuing weather permitting but here’s a great video of Chloe Laurence in action on her first sword on board Side Effect.

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