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Catching (them) up in Cairns


As I reported yesterday on the Facebook page I’ve been having trouble getting online overnight where we are anchoring. But I have a few catch up reports to share!

This report is from Monday and Capt. Corey Hard’s Askari. Corey reports battling the rain and some pretty sloppy conditions over the last week they still managed a respectable 8 fish and a big sail. The biggest black was estimated at around 700lbs. Good fishing in trying conditions.

Meanwhile Reel Easy‘s (Sea Fever) Capt. Ashley Matthews has been having a good run of days.  They caught a 150 and 200lber on Monday and the added 2 nice ones yesterday at 800 and 900lbs each. Unfortunately the 800 came up tail wrapped. Pic of the 900 at top!

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