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Fraser blue marlin madness


A great day of fishing on the waters off Fraser Island again yesterday following up on some great numbers the day before (Thursday) when Peter Collings Bluewater added 6 blues to his Fraser tally on the trip south to Mooloolaba. Peter generously called boats over to his area where Phil McCloy’s Sea Baby IV was also able to capitalise on the great fishing adding 5 blues in relatively short succession on the last day of their stint up here.

But the talk of the day yesterday at the evening raft up was the comparatively poor performance of gun SCGFC club boat Chaos who, I’m told, after coming 3rd to a trailer boat at the recent HBGFC Tournament, is seeking some redemption this week.  The return to form must start today ?? They have been outclassed by traditional switch crew and fellow club boat Pole Dancer over the last two days (who released 3 Thursday and then 6 yesterday), the Chaos team have numbers to make up after just one fish a day over the last two days lure trolling.

(Yes its a stitch up – you just wait the guys will slay everyone out here today! Murphy’s law!)

Capt. Luke Fallon’s KEKOA is also plodding along stacking up the good numbers yesterday adding 5 fish (4 blues and a big stripe) to the trip tally putting us on 22 marlin in the 6 days of fishing so far. Yesterday’s additions included another Scotty/Glen double header in a hot morning bite.

Game & Leisure Boat’s Graham McCloy was back into port yesterday on Caboom for restock for their final week at Fraser. Mark Bird has been on board and shot the great pics above and below. Mark said they added another 6 blues, 2 blacks and a stripe last week including this one for Bluey who is 80yrs old and still in the chair!

Good luck to all the ladies fishing the Ladies Ribbons comp today!

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