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Montebello Sails & SEQ Blues


Updated 20 September: Capt. Ross McCubbin’s Lucky Strike released a stripey on the Gold Coast and also missed two blue bites. Ross says its seems like they are coming on the bite. So stay tuned for the season ahead!  Capt. Brett Alty’s Mistress is also back at Fraser and released a blue yesterday as well.

In the north reports are just starting to filter in from boats up the reef. Capt. Craig “Sparra” Denham’s Hot Shot was in port after a trip on the reef and released two from three!

Quick report in from Capt. Chad Mills’ Blue Lightning who released another 23 sails on Sunday fishing off the Montebello Islands in WA.

The Montebello Islands comprise of 174 small islands off the Pilbara coast of north-western Australia with many surrounded by white sandy beaches, barrier and fringing coral reefs, lagoons and channels. Blue Lightening Charters offers live aboard trips to the Montebello Islands each year between June and December. While the focus of the trips is not usually restricted to billfishing, they certainly are wracking up the numbers this year. Sunday’s effort brings their season tally to 169!!

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