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Catch up and PDMC Day 2


Catch up report from Capt Corey Hard’s Askari. Corey reports that they had a slow 14 days with the Dreaming On crew with some tough fishing only managing 12 but caught 3 big ones.

The last 8 days was a little different though with some incredible fishing. They caught 20 fish with a few big ones in the mix and on the best day caught 9 from 12 with 2 double headers which is a new boat record for them.

In the absence of pics again a shot of mine of Askari in action from previous season above!

And Capt. Tim Richardson’s Tradition tagged another 1 out wide yesterday to finish the trip with 6 in 6 days for Jason including one big one.

Port Douglas Marlin Challenge Day 2
Only 3 tags recorded for the tournament fleet for the day and they were all for Christian Chapmans’s Reel Cross.   This puts Reel Cross in the lead on 4 tags from Wild Turkey with 3 tags and Gorilla 2 tags.

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