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More sails


More sails in the north though you can expect these reports to turn to big marlin very soon as some boats already kicking off their 2019 giant black marlin seasons. Jason (Marlin Brando) went 1-1-0 on Saturday at Linden Bank after the fish got wrapped up in it and broke the line..its starting!

Weipa Sails

Good numbers for the club again Friday, Saturday, Sunday with the best fishing Sunday morning before the bite shut down at lunch. Happy Hours accounted for 5 tags, the girls on Wine Down 3, Outta Beer 3, and Matt Cooper notched up 4 sails and a black solo. Weipa identity Dave Donald also got one on fly with Ben on Last Cast.

Townsville Sails & Blacks

September comp weekend was another success for the club with a few fish still knocking around. Eldorado kicked things off with the first tag for junior Maggie Mitchel and ended 1 from 3. Trailer boat Reel Busy had a great day of fishing for a black in the morning and a double of sails in the afternoon while Larva also got a sail, their first billfish for the boat. Shindig fished Sunday for a black as well.

Earlier in the week Mick Parisi’s Trophy also tagged a sail.

Fraser & Sunshine Coast

And still a few light tackle fish running around at Fraser too with Jay Graham’s Chaos tagging 4 Thursday.  Robert Smith also put his charter angler onto a larger model black in the 80-100kg range on the Sunny Coast Thursday. While Alex Fenwick and Dad Pete went 2 from 2 also on Thursday heavy tackle with a stripe and a blue.

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