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Capt Paul Whelan


Name/nickname — Paul Whelan (Wheels)
What year did you start in the industry in Cairns? 1972

The vessels you fished on? Kanahoee..Kestelle..Hooker..Yanu 3..Samurai..Tanderra..Ocean Piper 2&3..Sea Baby 2..The Devils Pride..Maverick

Special memories a memorable day fishing, season? Mike Levitt’s Black Marlin World Records..737 lb on 12 lb test..631 lb on 16 lb test and Tony Bisgood’s 1356 lb Fish

Your favourite fishing spot along the GBR? Bottom half of No 10 Ribbon Reef

Why is the CPGFA important? It is the only true voice of the Cairns Black Marlin Fishery. Without it the future of the fishery may not be assured.

Any message for the young guys coming through? Hard work..Loyalty..Respect your fish

Can you tell us story of something special?

To many to tell but the “Dark Humour” stories after Charles CP Perry gained the deck after joining the Underwater Wiremans Club on the Yanu were pretty special. I will never forget the look of horror on our Angler Boss Lady’s face when she asked “If it happens again and he doesn’t get free of the wire what will I do” I answered “don’t break the line we want to get him back”

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