The Black Marlin Fishing Blog is your one-stop for Australian marlin fishing reports. Kelly posts several times a week (and daily during the Cairns Giant Black Marlin Season) to keep you on the bite and on top of all things happening on the billfish front across the country – her reports come straight from the water from skippers, anglers, gamefishing clubs and observers Australia-wide.

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The website is also a valuable resource for all things marlin fishing in Australia. Visit the Charter Boat or Captain’s Directory for an alphabetical list of the professional charter fleet who regularly contribute reports to the blog or the Destination Guide for more information about the various regions and seasons in Australia.

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Meet Kelly

The Black Marlin Fishing Blog is the brainchild of Kelly Dalling (now Kelly Dalling Fallon).

In 2005, Kelly spent her first Giant Black Marlin Season alongside her skipper father Jim. Fresh back in the country after several years living and working overseas, she welcomed the opportunity to spend a season alongside her Dad on the Great Barrier Reef….and she never left!

Also a long term blogger while working overseas, Kelly thought nothing of creating a new blog to post daily marlin fishing reports from the Coral Sea.

Nowadays Kelly works on board KEKOA with her husband Capt. Luke Fallon (since 2010), and is a veteran of 15 Giant Black Marlin Seasons.

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More about BMFB

While the technology can sometimes let us down in these remote location, Kelly is mostly able to post marlin fishing reports from miles out to sea where even mobile phone service is sketchy – from right amongst the action! And during peak season, the blog receives thousands of visits each day from gamefishing enthusiasts around the world – many of whom are contributing reports themselves!

Kelly has continued blogging through the 2006-2019 Cairns Giant Black Marlin Seasons and has also expanded the blog to include year-round marlin fishing reports beyond Cairns, from up and down the east coast of Australia, all the way over to the west, and occasionally also exploits of Australians fishing overseas!

The archives are available online through the home page, feel free to wander through. Warning, it can be very distracting! (Although – due to a computer glitch – the 2005 archives no longer exist. Weep!)

In 2008, the professional marlin fleet came on board with a huge number of boats also contributing to the reports. Please show your support to these wonderful and talented Captains by visiting their listings in the boat directory. If you’re planning a trip, these guys are the pros, and they fish all up and down the coast.

Of course this blog would not be able to continue without the ongoing support of Capt. Jim Dalling (Dad) who provides in-depth background and knowledge at the drop of a hat (he’s like a walking and talking encyclopedia!)

In 2010, Capt. Jim handed the reigns over to Kelly’s husband Capt. Luke Fallon, himself a 34 year veteran, and the team on board KEKOA as Kelly’s joined the k-crew!  And on the board the flagship 56 foot O’Brien, we have the technology to bring you even closer to the action than ever!  More photos, more video and more reports!

Work with Kelly

When Kelly is not fishing, writing about fishing on this blog, feeding hungry fishermen, or taking fishing pictures, you will find her busy working on her other business, and As Keruko (a nickname ode to her many years spent living and working in Japan), Kelly produces freelance websites and graphic art – usually fishing related of course – and would love to be involved in your project too.

In addition, Kelly is available to:

Contact Kelly by email, it all starts with a simple idea.