Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

But copying is not cool, so don’t do it okay?!?

It’s also a breach of my copyright as an author, photographer and artist. And something I take very seriously.

BMB images and reports as well as other web-page content are protected by Intellectual Property Rights. You must seek permission to reproduce my work.

Permission is granted to non commercial web sites to reproduce up to 1 paragraph per post/page, provided that a hyperlink to the full entry at is included. Use of Black Marlin Blog content in violation of these terms constitutes a violation of copyright.

All photographs are property of Black Marlin Blog and reuse is not permitted without explicit written permission in advance. Likewise, images may not be hot-linked. Images provided by crews and anglers and posted on this website have been edited and such work is also subject to my copyright. If you would like to use these images, please seek an unedited copy directly from the source.

Having said that, I am always happy to share my own photographs. If you show the courtesy to ask, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the response.

You may contact me with questions via email at info [at] blackmarlinfishingblog [dot] com.