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On The Edge

A film by nick jones for the cpgfa
Coordinating a single videographer across a fleet of captain each with their own schedules and groups of anglers coming and going throughout the season on different timelines, doing transfers at sea which involved a kit of expensive camera gear in a sometimes hectic saltwater environment, was in itself was no mean feet.  At one stage the whole schedule went out the window when the next boat due to host Nick relocated 100miles to the south in search of the bite! But we got there in the end and produced a pretty spectacular view of who we are, what it is that we do and why we love it so much!
Little did we know that the filming would be our last season all together as the pandemic hit in 2020 which kept not only our anglers and guests locked out due to border closures, but a lot of the members of the Cairns fleet as well who were locked out of Queensland in their home ports.