Month / December 2010

Larva Lure - Change it, lock it, catch it

I’m happy to announce that Cresta Motor Yachts Australia have launched their brand new website. If you have the time to visit, its well worth a look through! We finished up our trip yesterday on a high note adding another marlin to our tally making that 6 in 6 days to 850lbs – four blacks […]

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Fishlife Mag

In our big trip wide on KEKOA we’ve caught a lot of everything, as well as marlin (four blacks and a blue), including this one above on dusk last night at 850lbs for Jason – which was a really stubborn fish and gave him a tough time for the almost hour and a half it […]

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We’re back from out yonder!  After four days without phone or internet service, it may take me a little while to gather some reports. But in the meantime, here’s some of what we’ve been up to — in pictures!

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