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Well these are the results! Breaking it down: Champion Club T&R went to Sydney Team 2 (Gale Force, Casey, Hoodlum) from Broken Bay Team 1 and Port Hacking Team 3.

Champion Club Capture went to Newcastle Port Stephens Team 2 (Public Enemy, Critakill, Climax) from NPSGFC Team 4 and Sydney GFC Team 1.

For the boats themselves, less than 10,000 points (essentially one marlin) separated the leaders with Grommett coming in on top from Hoodlum and Born Free. And plenty more familiar faces among the top boats.

John Wise on Hoodlum won Champion Angler T&R with 12 marlin.

A great effort for young Corey Radford with his 67.8kg black marlin (pictured) caught on 10kg line fishing on his dad’s boat Climax (NPSGFC). This is his first marlin and now a pending NSW and Australian record to a small fry angler.

Corey also won highest point scoring capture – junior/small fry for this fish. Well done Corey!


Photo by Claire Jones.

The full list of trophy winners are available here as well as a summary of the categories is here.

Apologies for the lack of detail but unfortunately the published results didn’t leave me much to work with. While last weekend I manually counted fish from the results, the result this week didn’t include that so if I had to hazard a guess from the point scores I would say that the Champion Boat Grommett won with 16 or 17 tags in the four days. If anyone would like to correct me, I would love to know! I have asked the committee so hopefully a bit more information coming soon.

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Read on for South Coast stripes and SEQ Blues!

Once again, NSW Interclub results are to come as the final weekend of fishing wrapped up yesterday. I heard once again the inshore black bite was a bit more quiet with the action mostly back on the carpark. If you have any reports to add, please do send along!

In the meantime, north and south have both fired again leaving plenty more fishing in the tank for the rest of the season.

NSW South Coast

Sam Muscat finally got among the action himself over the past week with a total of 15 marlin in 5 days of fishing. Sam says that he fished with cousin Jamie Peel and Andrew Demicoli. Out of Batemans Bay on their first day out they caught 4 from 6. After a few days of bad weather they decided then to go south to Bermi and went 6 from 6 Thursday, 3 from 4 Friday and 2 from 3 on Saturday.  Sam said that most boats still consistently catching one or two a day — it continues to be a great season on the south coast!

SEQ Blues

After such a great season on the little blacks in South East Queensland, there were a lot of crews hankering to get the heavy tackle out for the blues again. And with the weather agreeable, the grounds off the Gold Coast were again bumper to bumper, but seemed like plenty of fish out there too.

The Stehman’s Murphys Law was one putting away the light tackle gear after a cracker of a season, dragging out the heavy tackle for the first time this year. They fished Saturday for 4-3-3 with 2 solid 130kg blues to Andrew Morley and one solid 160kg fish to John Stehmann (with some great footage on the GoPro I hear!) They backed up again on Sunday for a 2-2-1 for first time angler Glenn Walker catching a small blue they put at 70kg. Mat said for them, the fish where really timid Sunday with some real lazy bites and all fish were caught on Larvas.

Glanville Heydenrych on Ocean Instinct was another thankful for the good weather to get out wide and found some water away from the pack. Glanville converted 1 from 1 on a feisty blue Saturday and another 2 from 3 on Sunday (photo below).

And yet another yesterday, Jesse Hill tells me that after a frustrating morning were all other boats had multiple shots yesterday while they struggled to find one, they enjoyed a hot afternoon bite. The crew on Dimitris Estate ending up with a 3-3-2 blues in the last 1.5hrs of light. Jesse said these fish all piled on with epic bites. They had to wrestle the teaser out of ones mouth to switch. Both fish were 2.6 short length (photos at top).

How good is the Goldy?!


(Scroll all the way to bottom for an action packed vid from Gunrunner from the Shootout!).

2015 NSW Interclub – at the half way mark

I’m not sure how many boats are competing (anyone?) but by my count (eek!) there were 104 marlin tags (and 2 spearfish!) recorded so far with the breakdown 79 black marlin, 20 striped marlin and 5 blue marlin.

In the individual point score (T&R), Broken Bay’s Vengence are ahead at the end of the second day’s fishing with 3 black marlin, 3 striped marlin and a hammerhead shark tag. Capt. George Trinklers’ (NPSGFC) team on Born Free are close behind with 6 marlin tags (5 blacks and 1 stripe) making a run on Day 2 adding 5 of those fish, when, George tells me that the Carpark finally started to fire.  While the inshore black marlin have gone a little quiet, both Born Free and Shelby caught 5 a piece on the Carpark on Sunday.

In the club race (T&R), Newcastle Port Stephens (Team 1) is ahead at the halfway mark, followed by Broken Bay Team 1 and Sydney GFC Team 2. Newcastle Port Stephens teams will be looking to return the Champion Club Award back to the host location club who, after 8 wins in a row, lost the crown to this same Sydney GFC team last year.

On the Capture side, the leading boat is Get Reel from Newcastle Port Stephens GFC with two 300kg+ makos! Public Enemy have weighed the heaviest shark thus far with a 373.5kg tiger.

Capture teams: Newcastle Port Stephens (Team 1) is ahead in a very tight race followed by Sydney GFC Team 1 and another Newcastle Port Stephens team (2).

Meanwhile the junior anglers (T&R) are also keeping the race between them very competitive.  Luke Ashman on Gloriana is ahead of Dylan Ale on Finatic on lineclass points, both with 3 marlin tags a piece with Spencer Hoye on Haulin is also just one fish behind.

2015 Lyndy Grieves Memorial Tournament

Yesterday was the Lyndy Grieves Memorial Ladies Day tournament.

18 marlin were tagged for the day (15 black marlin and 18 stripes).  Sheridan Purvis on Born Free had a hot run over lunchtime with four black marlin tags to give her the win from Amanda Bajada on Finfisn.


Champion Capture
Michelle Evans
10.5 Kg Mahi Mahi on 10kg Line
Newcastle GFC
Champion Tag & Release
Sheridan Purvis
46000 Points – 4 Black Marlin
Born Free
Newcastle & Port Stephens GFC
Heaviest Marlin
Not Won
Not Won
Heaviest Shark
Not Won
Not Won
Heaviest OGF
Michelle Evans
10.5kg Mahi Mahi on 10kg Line
Newcastle GFC
Most Marlin
Sheridan Purvis
4 Black Marlin
Born Free
Newcastle & Port Stephens GFC
Most Shark
Not Won
Not Won
Most OGF
Tracey Sweetman
2 Mahi Mahi
Sneaky Pete
Newcastle & Port Stephens GFC

Gunrunner @ Shootout

Shootout 2015 – GunRunner hd from Scott on Vimeo.


While the weather in SEQ courtesy of ex-tropical cyclone put paid two at least two tournaments (my thoughts are with all affected by the cyclone and associated flooding), the biggest tournament on the NSW calendar did go ahead despite early fears the weather would affect it too.

An update from the first weekend is coming very soon.

But first…

Marlin in Victoria

Not a phrase that you hear every day though it is not the first time they have been caught that far south. (There was even one caught off Tassie in recent years!) But Victorian anglers have been enjoying a pretty good bite courtesy of the same current that has been pushing the good water along the NSW south coast…and across the border.

Lee Rayner tells me that following reports from a few mates on the gas rigs in Bass Strait of loads of baitfish, and a few marlin swimming around the rigs, anglers made the most of a break in the weather to get into the action.

Lee and mate Julian Coyne headed off Lakes Entrance on Wednesday along with about half a dozen other boats. They found ‘wall to wall’ bait inside the shelf with the action starting not long after.

By the end of the day everyone had seen and hooked fish with most having landed one
each.  On Lee’s boat, they experienced some fishing that Lee said was as good as you would hope to experience anywhere!  They had 10 fish up for the day, hooked six and tagged three.

The following day there was plenty more seen, hooked and caught as well.

As Lee said “I love catching marlin at any time and any place but to get into them in Victoria, while fishing around huge gas rigs is something else.”

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