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The marlin fishing is hot seemingly nation-wide at the moment (in the marlin hotspots anyways!) and finally those Western Aus fisho’s have put the rod and reel down long enough to send me a report ;-) Don’t worry, its worth the wait!

Exmouth, WA: Murray and Eddy from Peak Sportfishing have given me an update on their season progress since before Christmas (well December 21 actually) having added another 35 billfish in the last 11 days of fishing.

The breakdown is 22 blues, 4 blacks, 6 stripes and 3 sailfish.

That brings them to a season tally of 74 blue marlin thus far.  Also of note, they managed yet another marlin grand slam on the 29’th of December for angler/client Brendan Coleman. Murray says that while the weather forecast for the next few days looks challenging, they will be out there doing their best to raise and catch a few more. Its all about the “blue marlin, blue marlin, blue marlin!”

Gold Coast: Still good fishing off the Gold Coast. Yesterday, solo angler Tony, fishing with Capt. Ross McCubbin on Lucky Strike, went home with slightly longer arms after releasing 10 from 13 black marlin up to 80kg. And the day before, Gypsy’s Capt. Matty Johnson put his anglers onto a 6-6-5 before switching over to the bottom fish!

The Central Coast’s Bluewater Classic was held over the weekend leading off the tournament year and I heard there were a few billies about. Report to come!

Further south to Jervis Bay, Bruce Rayment and crew added their 2nd striped marlin in 5 days for Port Hacking GFC boat Avalon with skipper Bruce getting a striped marlin about 65kg at the Jervis Bay Kink. They were fishing out of Sussex Inlet on the NSW South Coast the shelf line from Ulladulla to Jervis Bay which has been firing with many strikes, hook-ups and tags. Fellow PHGFC boat Monster Magnet skippered by Mark Corbin went 3-2-1 for Guy Jamieson after another fish earlier in the week.

And while we are down that way, Bermi Bait and Tackle’s Josh McCue tells me that there are also a few stripes starting to turn up of Bermagui over the past week. Josh says that the weather has been fantastic so boats of all sizes have been out chasing the early season fish (have I jinxed it now?). There is plenty of bait stacked up from 60 fathoms to the shelf with the main areas of activity being from the kink to the bottom of the 12 mile.

All indications suggest this could be a good season for Bermi as there’s a few more fish also being raised but not hooked or caught.

Read the rest of the report…

Pakula Lures

Happy New Year to all!

And good news the marlin bite stopped for noone!

Sunshine Coast: Some great pics have come in from John Dwyer who was fishing on Ymer with Ben Stasiak on December 30 (and they are awesome pics too John, thank you!)  Ben tells me that the bite was pretty continuous all day with boats hooked up everywhere.  He said they had a big of a tug of war with the dolphins who were pinching a lot of their live baits, making it a little harder, but nonetheless they had a fantastic day. And wouldn’t you with 13 blacks and 2 sails for the day?!

Ben says other boats nearby had cracker days as well, for example Galaxy with 9, Chaos with 12 and Raise a Bill who were approaching 20 in the late arvo when they left!

Flip through the gallery below, there are some really beautiful pics there!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Gold Coast: Capt. Ross McCubbin has likewise been at it again this time on the Reel Busy with 5 from 10 in the 40-90kg range on the 30th and another 6 on New Year’s Eve from 40 to 120kg for Craig and Jim!

Port Stephens: On New Year’s Eve again Muzza was at the wheel of Gunrunner for another 2 from 2 (one of which was a stripe in the BIG category for Port). Scott reports that it was a fair bit tougher work, and that the water is changing a lot with some warm water rolling in after lunch. While there was a lot of high scattered bait there weren’t too many fish in it.

Sydney: Bruce Rayment tells me that PHGFC boat Avalon tagged a 70kg striped marlin on Tuesday 30th on the edge of the shelf east of Port Hacking for Chris Wienholt. The fish took the long corner lure and was boatside within 30 minutes on 24kg tackle. That’s a Black marlin and striped marlin selfie in the last 3 weeks for Avalon off Sydney.


What does 6-6-5 mean?

I get this question a lot and never more than this time of year when the billies are biting all the way along.  The short answer is that the numbers represent strikes-hookups-tags/releases. So a 6-6-5 would be 6 strikes, 6 hookups and 5 successful tags or releases.

Now that the year is coming to a close – it’s time to reflect on the fishing year that was with the top 5 posts (ie. fishing reports) for 2014. As voted by you (and by voted, I mean you voted with your readership!)

Top 5 Marlin Reports for 2014

1. The top spot goes to a collection of posts rather than one in particular based on an event – and that event is the Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic. If you were reading during the tournament this year (and why wouldn’t you, when the fishing was particularly hot and the fish were particularly big!?) you were reading alongside several thousand of your fellow avid marlin fishers.


Due to the damage from Cyclone Ita, the LI Black Marlin Classic was hosted out of Cooktown this year for the first time ever. For that reason also, it was a one of a kind event and one to remember!

2. Sticking with the giant black marlin theme, the second most popular was from November 10th, which coincided with the end of the Port Douglas Marlin Challenge, and also carried Cairns reports from outside of the tournament as well. But perhaps grabbing your attention was the report (and photos) from Al McGlashan from his week at Fraser fishing the juvenile black marlin (one of the first to come in) and blue marlin action from SEQ and the NSW Central Coast and the Exmouth Better Billfish Bonanza results. Big report!

3. Number 3 possie went to March 10’s report. Now at that time of year, you would be forgiven for thinking of Port Stepehens or Exmouth, but the award goes to Jervis Bay!  But this photo surely drew you in to read about some great numbers on Richard Abela’s Dream Catcher and Jamie Peel’s Samara Lee.


4. Number four is a recent one and shows just how keen you all are to enjoy the summer of marlin fishing ahead with reports from Exmouth (crazy good fishing from Eddy Lawler’s Peak Sport Fishing), South East Queensland and reports of Port Stephens and Sydney encounters with the first marlin of the season. Catch up on what happened in December 16th’s report here.

5. Last but not least catches the essence of what was a really fun time on the reef this year.  Catching big fish and plenty of them. If today wasn’t your day, then chances were its going to be tomorrow.  The whole period from the Lizard Island Black Marin Classic through to the end of October (this report was October 27) and to the middle of November there were big fish around and encounters daily.  Just reading it again now, and already I can’t wait to do it all again next year!

Top Destination by report:

  1. Cairns (Cooktown/Lizard Island)

Hands down, without a doubt. We are so fortunately to have such a world class fishery here in Australia. But I predict huge things for Exmouth over the current year(s) are more people clue into just how good it is!

Most popular of all time

Funny that the blog’s top report eva is not even an Australian fishing report.  But who wouldn’t be interested in reading about such awesome fishing?  Truly world-topping blue marlin action on the Carol Libby. Sadly the Carol Libby team have disbanded with the sale of the boat, but Josh and Andrea are still fishing. Last seen in Alaska heli-trout fly fishing of course!

Most Popular Pages in 2014

Well aside from the homepage (and therefore the fishing reports, duh!), the most popular page in 2014 was the boat directory, which is because (double duh!) so many of you want to fish the amazing destinations that you see on these pages. Closely followed by the captain’s directory, the destination guides, event listings (tournaments) and the photo galleries. So its no surprise that that would be fishing, boats, fishermen, fishing destinations, fishing tournament and fishing photos in that order!

Billfish montage thrown cusion coverBest seller – proving that everything is better with a marlin on it, the best selling blog store product for 2014 was the billfish slam montage throw pillow cover. And as a reminder, here it is:

Closely followed by the 2015 Calendar by the way, there still time to put it on your wall for 2015!


So that is a wrap for the Black Marlin Fishing Blog for 2014. Thank you so much for reading and contributing your reports. Lets hope for a bigger and better fishing year in 2015!


In the reporting stakes that is!

While I wait for a few more details from the west, the good fishing on the east shows no sign of slowing down.

After tagging 9 blacks in the past two trips off the Gold Coast, Murphy’s Law sneaked (I wrote that…okay traveled!) up to the Sunny Coast yesterday for a change of scenery and try their luck with the numbers being encountered up there. Success!! They tagged 10 from 14 with 2 double hook ups in what Matt Stehmann called some ‘seriously hot fishing’ and broke their best day record on board (previously 9) in the process. Joining Matt on board, John Stehmann and the Morley brothers Andrew and Steve. All fish were from 10-30kg.

Off the Gold Coast yesterday as well, Capt. Ross McCubbin reported another 2-2-2 including a fish that he put at 100kg for angler Ray!

Also out of the Sunshine Coast David Granville’s Cover Shot was back at it yesterday with another 4 little blacks. David took Sue and Robbie Wells out and Sue got her first, second and third ever billfish. Robbie got to wind one in too when they got a double header on;-) More fab pics from David at top!

And again, out of Port Stephens, Gunrunner went 2 from 3 again yesterday with Muzza driving and the girls Cara and Bridget on board switching the fish again. With Bridget catching her first ever fish! Scott says that there are plenty of marlin down here with surface bait, bait balls, and sun baking marlin cruising! Nearby Calypso went 1 from 1 as well.

Catching up from Sunday, Andy Bagnall tells me that Seaka went 5 from 8 on (3 blacks, 2 stripes) including 3 fish to a junior angler Jay Thompson, and 1 fish and first marlin ever to small fry Cooper Frith.   Andy added that there was also some ‘weird stuff’ with Cooper’ s 2nd marlin that ate a bait jig and did not want to break off and kept jumping at the boat! And a mako that came up in the spread, and ate a skipbait then took out the entire bird teaser whilst a marlin ate the other skipbait!

outlawPort Hacking GFC club boats went on their annual trip to Jervis bay from Port Hacking (Outlaw, Cuban and The Edge). The new Outlaw had a double hook up and eventually went 2-2-1 to a 80kg stripped on 15. It was the first fish for the boat on its maiden voyage which was caught by David Joyce.

Meanwhile nearby the Cuban went 1-1-0.

The final newsletter for 2014 is going out later this morning. If you’re not on the list, subscribe now, its easy to do!