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4 from 5


Its about time but the law of averages has finally caught up with us. After some slow days the team managed to tag 4 from 5 marlin bites yesterday.

Fishing Linden Bank with only a couple of boats includeing Shaka, Balek 3 and the trailer boat Inside Edge, we saw a total of 8 fish in beautiful clean blue water. Junior Angler Alex caught all his 5 for the trip on 80lb, fishing for the elusive Australian record but despite releasing a 500lber on the first day of the trip, we could not find a bigger fish on the day. Oh well, theres always next time.

The photos are from Mark Griffith who has developed a passion for Marlin arials plus another sashimi shot with Aaron to get the taste buds going.

Today Reel Chase heads North and into Cooktown Sunday night, hopefully they are ambushed at Linden Bank again but should find out more from the bulk of the fleet who are in that area.

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