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Spur Reef Triple


Yesterday Reel Chase started with a new group of anglers from Adelaide. Father and son Matthew and James along with business friends Steve and Mark. As they put the baits in at Spur Reef just south of Linden Bank, they imediately had a strike on the scad but no hookup.

10 minutes later though, Mark the expert whiting fisherman from St. Vincents Gulf, was on to his first marlin, a solid 450lber tagged to fight another day!

Both Matt and Steve also released smaller fish to complete the triple for the day. Although James had a couple of bites he will be on strike until he catches his first Black Marlin. He was not to be disappointed though as on trolling into the anchorage we had a double header of Giant Trevally with his just slightly bigger than Marks.

Other reports indicate good fishing at #10 Ribbon and on the Bank with dirty water spoiling the action in the middle reefs.

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