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And one for James

Today Reel Chase is at #5 Ribbon Reef preparing to run into Cooktown after lunch. Although the fishing slowed yesterday, the team managed their aims for the day – coral trout and Spanish mackerel for dinner (very fresh!) and a lot more scaly mackerel for bait. And, best of all, a nice 300lb marlin for James.

Capt. Jim also had a pack of marlin up at the bottom of Leana Reef and although there was a bite, he thinks the group had other things very much on their minds (mating) and they eventually lost interest in the offerings. Another bite from a fish which all Capt. Jim saw from the tower was a huge head followed seconds later by a tail but unfortuneatly the scad stayed in the rigger clip and that was the day.

Weather wise, yesterday was the pick of this season with winds even below 15 knots for part of the day but this morning they are back to the usual 20 knots +.

The few reports in from the top suggest the fishing has slowed and with the full moon last night we can look forward to the action again hotting up about Wednesday.

The photos are of Mark and some of last night’s dinner and James’ Black Marlin.
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