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No new is… no news


Have not heard from Capt. Jim this morning so I do not have a fishing report for you today. Have been experiencing some major computer problems on board Reel Chase including some difficulty even getting the computer started yesterday. Thankfully the team were in Cooktown and thus in phone range. Today is a different story. Being a big believer in Murphy’s law I would suggest this is because I ordered a new computer for the boat yesterday and intend to deliver and set it up this weekend. He may get it working a bit later today so stay tuned as there may be something to report yet.

PS – thanks for the note Roddy. Will try and find out what Kanahoee are up to. News from Kekoa mid afternoon yesterday was one from three.

Spoke too soon. Quick report has come through from Capt. Jim with a quiet day yesterday – one bite. Kanahoee had the same luck and both were anchored at Number 5 overnight. Kekoa and Sea Baby both caught one yesterday in what was reported as a quiet day all round.

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