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Two Tagged on Another Bad Weather Day


On another wild weather day, Reel Chase have introduced a new technique to marlin fishing on the GBR. Capt. Jim picked up this while salmon fishing in the fast flowing rivers of Alaska. Its called back trolling and they used it to stop the baits from flying while racing down the front of 20 foot swells yesterday. Simply put the motors into reverse to reduce the speed down the front of the big waves. Hopefully the fish find it interesting as it certainly creates a lot of white water! ;-)

After a slow start with lunch on the mothership, the team ventured out quite late in the day to hear that Kekoa had already tagged 3 marlin. As usual the bite shut down as they arrived! Capt. Jim trolled down sea to the opening of 5 & 6 Ribbon where they had a couple of bites the day before and raised a large angry fish. Unfortunately she got the scaly mackerel and we got our hook back, leaving a quite dejected crew and anglers as she was the biggest fish the team has seen this season. Luckily they returned to the same spot late in the day and managed 2 good fish to turn the trip around.

Angler Greg caught the first at 400 lb and as it was tail wrapped it gave us quite a good fight in the big seas. Angler Brian caught the second at 300 lb to make sure we returned to the mothership with plenty of tales of the day.

Kekoa finished the day with 4 tags along with Sir Reel. With the huge seas a lot of the boats chose not to fish but both the 2 new O’briens were out proving how good a sea boat they really are.

Reel Chase is off to Lizard Island tonight and will be fishing in that area in the lead up to the big tournament. If the weather God is reading this, we have a credit of 60 days of 5 to 10 knot weather and at least 10 grander blacks.

We would like to collect anytime soon thank you!

I thought I’d put this photo in so the man up there would remember what fine weather days look like at Lizard Island!

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