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Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic Day 3 Results

Updated results from tournament base will be out at 10:30 am and so I will add to this entry at that time. Didn’t catch the final sked yesterday however we believe it was a very slow day yesterday with only 9 fish caught in the 47 boat fleet. We believe that Diamond Girl caught another two yesterday which would put them in the lead.

Correction for yesterday: Tenacious was also with the leaders on four fish at the end of Day 2 (leaders on Day 2 were Billfish with four fish on count back from other boats with four which include Kanahoee, Tenacious andAllure.)

Castille results for you: 1 from 3 on Day 1. Jumped one off on Day 2 and raised a monster yesterday but no bite. Will try and find out more about Little Audrey, XO and Misbehavin too.

Updated results from Day 3 from Tournament Base this morning: Day 3 brought 32 strikes, 25 hookups and 11 tags on 9 boats including one estimated at 1100lbs.

The leader board from Day 3 is as follows:

Diamond Girl leading from Tenacious both with 5 tags. On 4 tags is Billfish in front of Allure and Kanahoee. Joe-Joe, Don’t Ask Me, Iona, Shaka are all following on 3. Adrenaline, Top Shot, Hellraiser, Whirlpool, Bill Collector, Bite Me, Marlin Blue, Fascination II and Kajiki are all on two fish. There are a number of boats with 1 tag as well but I couldn’t catch them all.

Day 4 is looking a bit overcast with some rain but we’re looking forward to start fishing at 11am.

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