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Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic Day 4 Results


On another fabulous (um…!) day on the Great Barrier Reef, the following boats caught fish:

Allure, Calypso, Castille, Diamond Girl, Shaka, Viking 56 and Whirlpool – one each. That was the sum total of the day and puts Diamond Girl in the lead outright with 6 fish.

Castille ran out in front of us through the opening of #9 and #10 and caught their estimated 60kg fish in the first 10 minutes. Shaka made the brave move of running back to Linden Bank off Cairns and it came very close to paying off for them as they were still fighting number 2 at cease fishing (however we believe it may have been sharked).

Little Audrey fished the same barren piece of water as us yesterday for the same result. No news on XO. Moana III made the long journey down from Jewel Reef to the bottom of number 10 yesterday for the same results again and was anchored in front of us overnight. Calypso caught the fish of the day at the top of number 10. An estimated 900lb-er for Gold Coast Angler Greg Bell. No fish for Billfish on Day 4 either.

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