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Reports: Fishing Action is Hotting Up

Another day not to be missed on the GBR with plenty of wind and rain. They are still forecasting 10 to 15 on Friday though the team are trying not to get too excited as the forecasted fine weather has not materialized before.

Yesterday’s fishing on board Reel Chase brought a small 150 lb-er for Angler Kevin. Had another bite but the fish spat the bait.

Reports are coming in that lots of fish are showing up now so hopefully the big bite is about to start in line with the neap tides this weekend. Moana caught a 350 lb-er and a 1100 lb-er at Linden bank, Deano on Castillecaught 2 over 900lb on Number 10 Ribbon and Calypso also caught 2 including a 750 for the start of a new charter while Kamari managed a fish just shy of 1000lb for their angler on the last day of his trip on #5 Ribbon.

Reel Chase is planning to be in the action when they fire and will probably go North today to see if the reports are as good as they say.

I have some short videos from my time on the boat last week to post over the next few days so look out for those. Also, I should have a picture of Misbehavin‘s 1000 lb-er from the tournament to put up for you tomorrow (again congrats to the team!) The boys have the camera out today so hopefully so photos on Reel Chase for you tomorrow as well.

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