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Finally it looks like the 2006 season has hit top gear. Big fish are showing up all along the reef and many anglers are catching the fish of their dreams. The top of #10 Ribbon seems to be the best with a lot of boats encountering granders including Seababy IV, Tradition and Castille.

Ribbon #5 is also firing with a number of big fish showing up late for Sir Reel, Laid back, Kajiki and Calypsowhile the Wild Turkey, Kekoa and Reel Chase made the move north all finding fish along #6 and #7 however it was Ribbon #8 that Reel Chase found this 800lber for Pommy Dave. After feeding the local wahoo population for the last couple of days we made a decision to only run big baits and save our scad for later. This wasn’t so good when we lost a pair of 200lbers while trying to hookup on the large scaley mackerels but it sure worked fine on the big fish which hooked up instantly.

Further south Moana 3 managed a large fish for the second day in a row at Lena Reef which still seems to be the focal point for the EAC. While the weather seems to be improving each day the water temperature is also increasing to a respectable 25 C up 1.2 C from a week ago. The first quarter moon on Saturday night should see all the big girls out and doing their thing over the next few days so here’s hoping our move to #10 Ribbon tomorrow puts us in the middle of the action.


The team heading out for their regular spear fishing sojourn and, as promised, Miss Behavin’s grander from
the Lizard Island Tournament. Many thanks to Roger who sent this along. Beautiful fish!

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