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The Fishing is Firing!


How good does it get to be fishing #10 Ribbon Reef when the big girls are firing!?!

Reel Chase by no means had the best day as boats were hooking up constantly, but they did manage to tag 3 blacks with the biggest a 950 lber for veteran angler, Lucky Kiwi Kev. The others a 500lber for Tony and a consolation 200lber again for Kev. Big Moose is saving himself for Big Julie, a certain to appear before this trip is over.

Unfortunately because of all the activity we don’t have any reports from down the reef; Reel Chase used at least 10 big baits and a few scad on a very busy day.

Also on Number 10, Kekoa and Mauna Kea both caught 4 each and everytime Reel Chase boat passed Assegaishe was going backwards. Wild Turkey and Tradition both tagged 2 each and Allure was heading into Lizard to weigh an estimated 900 lber on 50 lb test. We believe they caught at least another 3 as well.

Today Reel Chase visits the codhole and then will knuckle down to some serious bait fishing as the stocks can’t stand too many days like this one.

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