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Big 1100lb Sal


It was a slower day on the reef. We marked a lot of fish on the sonar on Number 10 Ribbon between The Marks and Heartbreak but only raised 3, 2 of which we lost on the strike.

Most boats were reporting the same and Capt. Luke and Capt. Jim were just talking about a possible late bite when they got hungry.

About 5.50 Capt. Luke got the big one on and Reel Chase circled him for 10 minutes before heading away to the anchorage. That’s when we got he awesome bite on the scaley and right from the first jump we all said monster. Lucky for us she stayed on the surface and did a lot of jumps and we managed to tag the fish est. 1100lbs in 20 minutes for on-fire angler Kev. Unfortunately Capt. Luke’s fish pulled the bait at the back of the boat about the same time, leaving us a run into the reef with just enough light. Even still Kekoa finished the day with three smaller fish tagged.

Both Sir Reel, Calypso and Iona let go big fish in the same area on what is turning into a year of really big fish. Shaka released 3 fish at #5 Ribbon and as Reel Chase is going into Cooktown to night they will be fishing down the reef today.

Abysmal photos I’m sorry – taken as stills from the video camera. The video footage is much better and so I’m looking forward to putting something together with all that footage at the end of the season. A couple of jumps and the rain over the transom in the chase


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