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Halloween Fishing


The Black Marlin Fishing Blog is over 20,000 visits old! I’m so excited about that. Thank you all for reading. Hopefully it’s going to keep getting better and better.

Report: At 4.30 yesterday Capt. Jim thought their decision to move back to # 10 ribbon was about to pay off having just tagged 2 from 3 bites including an 800lb-er for David and a small one for Peter. Unfortunately that’s where it ended though and the late 6pm bite of the last few days didn’t eventuate. Still two fish for the Scott’s was a good day!

Further down the reef at Escape the Wild Turkey with Capt. Ben at the wheel boated an estimated 1050lb-er and an unconfirmed report had another fish weighed on Square Bear with Sparrow on the wheel.

Shaka at # 6 Ribbon caught an estimated 1100lb-er well inside the reef. After hooking up outside # 6 the fish swam through the opening and after an hour plus fight was tagged several miles to the West. This reminded Capt. Jim of a similar story 20 plus years ago when he first came to Lizard Island when the legendary Keith on Kalimah hooked the 1100lb-er outside Day Reef and fought it for 6 hours sinking the gaffs at midnight only 2 miles from Lizard Island.

Most boats reported a quiet day with Kanahoee seeing a lot of fish on Number 9 but only catching a small one. The reason Number 10 had so few boats was a big turn around in Cooktown last night and the big party on the mothership Pheonix hosted by regular visitors Don and Mike at Number 9.

I also have some photos courtesy of Capt. Luke on Kekoa from their new underwater cam. The first is a 700lb-er and the second a 300lb-er and you can see it actually taking the bait. Capt. Luke has lots of great footage from underwater that hopefully everyone will have a chance to see at the end of the season.

Photos of Tradition, mystery visitor last night and Davids fish being released.

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