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Fine weather, not many fish

I can’t even try to match the pictures from yesterday after a particularly slow day on the reef. The only fish report that I have is a small one on Kekoa late in the day. The boats are all still reporting that they are marking and seeing fish and the good news is that they are big fish, but unfortunately these did not translate into hookups and tags yesterday.

The other good news is that the calm weather is finally continuing for more than a few days (and its about time!) but the skippers think this has some impact on the fishing as well. Of course noone is hoping for a return of the wind! Reel Chase is heading down the Ribbons from 10 today to Number 7 and perhaps down to Number 5. Capt. Jim is on the case for a picture of Square Bear for you Rob. In the meaNtime, perhaps you’ll enjoy this one that I took during the Townsville Tournament of Square Bear with a small black at the back of the boat on what I remember was a great day of fishing!

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