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Lucky on Number 10


Yesterday was definately one of our luckier days for the 2006 season. After leaving the anchorage at Number 9 Ribbon Reel Chase ran into a hot bite in the baitfishing department, managing 10 scalies and 5 tuna in a short while. This is good for our very low bait stocks. Choosing to use the tuna while they were still alive the decision was made to stay in the area and fish at Number 10 again.

While it started slow, it soon paid off with a couple of bites and finishing up on the bottom of Number 10 with two tags. A 500lb-er for Simon and a smaller 200lb-er for Peter.

In the same area Sir Reel also caught 2 and Alure battled a nice fish on the 50lb test they have been fishing of late. Tradition let one go estimated at 900lb at 2nd corner while Facination 2 caught one in the same area. Kanahoee fished wide out to 30 mile looking for the Tuna but had no luck while Brian on Inya Dreams returned to his favourite Flannery Plateau after every one left and caught a small fish.

For Andrei back in Russia; Capt. Jim say they all missed seeing your Russian Team at Lizard this year and Daniel passes on his regards. Moana has had a quiet week after catching a couple of big ones, but yesterday turned it around weighing an 830lber that had died during the fight. Yesterday was his first day of a new charter and he fished on Number 8.

Today wiLl be a short one fishing South and into Cooktown by 5.00 pm.

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