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The Fleet Splits


As Reel Chase headed in early yesterday to Cooktown on changeover, Capt. Jim has handed the reporting reigns for the day over to Capt. Luke on Kekoa who finished the day on a high, a late bite just on 6pm netting an 800lb-er for 19 year old angler Chris in a fantastic effort!

Fishing this week with fellow 47′ O’Brien Sir Reel off mothership The Boss, the fathers and sons teams from the UK have been seeing a fair bit of action and watching from Sir Reel, I hear Chris’ father got some good footage of the fight. They certainly had a lot of action themselves for the day finishing with three tags, at least two of which were estimated at the 800lb mark. They also managed two hook-ups on rare Thresher Sharks and fought one for 20 minutes, getting it close to the boat when it unfortunately bit through the leader.

Moana caught another big one in the AM making their tally two big ones in two days and Hayden on Don’t Ask Me caught two large fish as well.

Reports are that it has been slow down on the middle Ribbons and this may have sparked the massive exodus of boats from Number 5 to Linden Bank where the fishing may be hotting up once again. Capt. Luke and other boats on 10, including Reel Chase returning to 10 today, have no plans to move just yet with at least half a dozen big ones caught, the fishing is still good there. Ultimate Lady has moved out to the SeaMount and caught one there yesterday. It’s good to see the kiwi boys covering ground!

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