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November Blues


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Reel Chase is anchored at Number 3 Ribbon with no phone service but good internet  – go figure(!) With not much to report for yesterday Capt. Jim fears they must have picked up a discarded monkey traveling into Chooktown on the last trip and will try to shake it off on the way in today.

Hattitude, returning to the middle Ribbons after some time off, had several bites and caught a feisty 400lb-er on Number 4 that thought it might like to catch a ride on Viking II as it trolled past, jumping up and into Viking’s bow (bending the bow rail in the process.) They also went on to hook a large fish which came to an unfortunate end after an hour fight. Viking also released a nice fish on Number 4 which about the limit of the action to report.

Weather is flat calm, wind probably Northerly by this arvo and HOT!

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