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A fish a boat and heading north


On Sunday, Reel Chase tagged this 400lb-er for 17 year old Angler Danny on a live tuna at Number 7 Ribbon. It looked good there with lots of tuna and nice water. While certainly not young veteran Danny’s first marlin, it is certainly his biggest so far! Let’s hope the boys can hook an even bigger one for him.

However, like Reel Chase, most boats managed just a single fish on what was really a slow day with boats spread the full length of the Ribbon Reefs.

I am heading up north again to Cooktown today. I believe that I have the internet sorted to keep daily updates going while I’m away. But, if not and if nothing new appears here in my absence, head back to the Reel Chase News page as I’m sure Annie D will try to keep you all up to date. I am back on Wed, Nov 22.

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