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Go Number 5


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With fishing slow on Number 10, Number 5 Ribbon might be the place to be.

On 10, Inya Dreams tagged the only fish reported about 200lb while the other boats fishing up there, Don’t Ask Me, Viking II and Reel Chase were zip for the day (but good GT fishing I hear). Hayden on Don’t Ask Me commented the water quality at 10 is poor which may lead some of the boats including Reel Chase to head south today.

Meanwhile back at Number 5, (this one’s for you Bill!) Moana tagged a 800lb-er about lunch time and the afternoon bite came on for Capt. Luke on Kekoa when they jumped off an 800lb-er. Then, even later at just before 6pm, Capt. Luke marked three fish together, a big girl and two smaller fish. Finally, the one they wanted took the bait in what I was told was a pretty weak bite on the surface and they were on! About 40 minutes later they tagged their first grander for the brand new 47″ O’Brien, an estimated 1100lb-er for Cameron from the Sunny Coast leaving them just enough time to get into the anchorage before dark.

Close by on Number 6, Kanahoee caught an estimated 950lb-er confirming the bite is better in the middle Ribbons right now.

And for Micheal, yes the fish (Thur) was tagged after about a 1hr 40 minute fight that Laurie estimated at ‘well in excess of a 1000lb’. :-)

And for anyone who’s noticed, in preparation for my trip north tomorrow where the internet connectivity will be slow at best, I’ve shortened the number of entries on the main page to make it a quicker load. If your story is now gone from this page. Not to worry, it’s still here! Just browse the archives by month/category in the navigation on the LHS (Sept 06, Oct 06, Nov 06 etc.)

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