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Slow at Number 7 (but great photos!)


Reel Chase had a great morning catching GT’s on the way out to Number 7 but although the weather was flat calm the team only had 2 bites from small fish on the scaley – no hookups.

Calvin Tilley, doing a short stint at the wheel of private Riviera Sweat and Tears, had the best day with a 900lber at Number 6 and an even bigger one at Number 5. Sparrow caught 2 on Number 10 while most of the few boats left up there caught zip.

Laurie on Sir Reel confirmed his fish, that we mentioned yesterday, was indeed a donkey on both counts – BIG and stubborn. Also great to see legendary skipper Peter Wright back on the reef this week driving Iona. Maybe he can produce a fish bigger than his Aus record of 1440lb caught back in 1973 for Micheal MacGrath.

I have received some great photos from Harry fishing on Moana last week including these two beauties of Jo’s 950lb-er jumping at the back of Reel Chase. Also the pictures of their great fish at the back of Moana on the wire and backing down in the chase and in the chair (with RC in the background). Originally Moana had hooked up first and Capt. Jim was trolling Reel Chase over to take a photo when this one came up for Jo – so we ended up with the photos the other way round!
Wish I was there. (okay, so I will be next week but more about that on Monday :-) Harry – these are such great shots. Thanks for sharing!
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