Last one counts

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Alas our charter with our Exmouth friends has come to an end – great company, fantastic weather and good fishing! The team on board Reel Chase ended this trip with 10 fish tagged including 2 over 900lb in the 6 days. The final fish yesterday was a 450lber for Kurt on a live bait 15 minutes before heading into Cooktown.Overall the fishing yesterday was patchy with Castille doing well with 3. Capt Laurie battled a monster at the top of Number 7 Ribbon, the RC team gave up waiting even for a look (but I do think they tagged it after a long fight) and Kekoa reporting 2 lazy bites from big fish on Number 10 but no tags.Today we head back to the middle for some more live baiting in glassy conditions, can’t get enough of this weather. Photos of Kurt’s 450lb-er giving our livey a hell of a ride.