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Marking but no pay dirt


Not much to report from yesterday though Capt. Jim saw a bunch of fish on the Marks (the shoal area half way along Number 10 Ribbon) the team on Reel Chase had 2 bites but no hookups. One fish broke the scaley in half with its bill and then swam away while the other came up from a group Capt. Jim marked on the sonar, pulled the scaley out and followed it to the boat as a cheeky barracuda swam up chewed the tail off and the marlin just sat there watching. Then 3 of his mates turned up, flashed their colours at him and he took off to join their party.

Elsewhere, Castille weighed a 1040lber on the bottom of 10, Don’t Ask Me caught another donkey and down on Number 5 Kanahoee caught 3 including an 850lb-er.

Reel Chase is heading South this morning and into Cooktown this afternoon to finish what has been one of our best weeks on the reef with Kurt and Jo from Exmouth, two of the nicest people you could ever go fishing with.

Here’s some pictures from Capt. Luke on Kekoa from their last trip out partnering with Sir Reel on Mothership The Boss. Thanks to the boys and Angler John Gill from the UK for these shots. First one is 19 year old Angler Chris battling his first big black estimated at 800lbs. As for the second, those of us here in Townsville are happy to see Deckie John on the wire of a big fish in this shot. Go John!

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