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At No Name Reef


Having a touch of trouble this morning with service from No Name Reef but finally a report for you.

The fishing is continuing to be steady with fish all along the Ribbons. Reel Chase fished Number 10 up to No Name and had 3 bites, tagging these 2. Another 900lb-er for Kurt at the Mudhole and a small one at Heartbreak. The fish were marking all afternoon on the sonar but no late bites like Smithy’s the day before (Capt. Jim had wondered were he got to!)

The boats fishing the bottom of 10 also did well with Fascination 2, Don’t Ask Me and Allure netting big ones, further south Shaka raised 7 for 3 bites and 0 tags on 8, and Kekoa and Sir Reel both tagged a 900lb-er each on 7.

Today the team will do the Cod hole and will continue back to Number 9.

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