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A day of relative calm


With almost no wind for most of the day, Thursday was a scorcher. Today dawns with a round of strong wind warnings on the forecast. It hasn’t hit us yet – we’ll see how that goes.

Heading out from Cooktown yesterday Kekoa fished south to overnight at Opal and although we marked a number of big marlin it was the tuna fishing that was the better of the day.

Fishing being as fickle as the weather lately it was lucky for Reel Chase on their 2 day charter which brought them back on the positive swing. The season average is about one fish per day and on this 2 day trip the team managed 3 fish thanks to Rod’s 800lb-er tagged yesterday. Trolling Linden Bank with a bunch of boats Capt. Jim watched Tim on Calypso catch 2 beauties, Tim on Little Audrey battling another good sized fish and wondered if the J’s were being bypassed today when they got the bite 20 minutes before heading into Cairns. After Reel Chase left Wild Turkey, Reel Ripe and Diamond Girl all caught fish.

Not many reports from futher north except Kanahoee caught an 800lb-er for Anthony at Number 2 Ribbon in fairly poor water which hopefully will improve with the forecast strong SE winds due today. Reel Chase will be back out this afternoon fishing to Opal in what may be downhill fishing for the next few days.

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