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Wind, rain and fish on Linden Bank


Wind, rain and fish on Linden Bank
With wind gusts reaching 30 knots on the bank yesterday it wasn’t a great place to be – but for most boats, the fishing made it pretty bearable.

Reel Chase did not make it out of Cairns Marina with the late arrival of clients which meant a nice calm afternoon for them While here on Kekoa, we put our brave faces on against the weather (and held up pretty good I might add) only to watch what seemed to be the rest of the fleet hooking up while we trolled through the middle. In a calmer day, I would have had some great photo opportunities. As it was, I could still manage a couple of beauties including this one of Calypso chasing fish in full flight (which unfortunately snapped off very soon after.)

Also on the bank, Iona and Moana both successfully released fish on double headers, one each of which was a big fish while other boats with two for the day included Sir Reel, Allure, Calypso and Diamond Girl, a mix of bigger and smaller fish while Balek released one over a grand.

With the still strong wind cleaning up the water we’re expecting the fishing to continue to be good today. But the weather….!!

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